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The team at Watkins Public Strategies have led the Kansas Beer Wholesalers Association to fiscal viability and greater political influence. Our members confidence and engagement in the association has strengthened under their leadership and we’ve also grown the size of our PAC which has been helpful in the political climate. I’m proud of their work and couldn’t imagine a better firm to represent our interests.

Steve Beykirch

Under Jason and Jessica’s management, we’ve strengthened our association beyond our expectations. They’ve expanded our vendor network, increased association revenue, grown our event participation numbers, and redeveloped our association directory, positioning us for future success and longevity.

Dr. Adam Lukens

Wichita District Dental Society President
Jason Watkins and his colleagues have guided the Chamber’s political advocacy for several years, earning the trust of a diverse membership group that sometimes has competing ideas. Their competence, commitment, and expertise are unmatched and we’ve greatly benefited from their advocacy on our behalf.

Gary Plummer

Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce President and CEO


The team at Watkins Public Strategies have represented a variety of prominent clients across the state. 

We’re proud of our work on behalf of these fine organizations and companies.
List includes current and former clients